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sunny’s latest single, rihanna,  has been stuck in my head for the past couple of days, one because it’s catchy and mainly because there was no escaping it on the internets. while the reasons as to why it got the attention it did vary, i personally was struck by the confidence it takes to creatively express oneself in the way we feel led regardless of popular opinion or mainstream validation.

most of us can’t even bring ourselves to create ideas that are well within the mainstream box let alone share them with the world, leaving us vulnerable to critique. people like sunny who live life outside of the rules and norms of what we’ve all been conditioned to like or see as acceptable are a powerful reminder of why we need to get free. here’s why ⋮

their self expression challenges us to question why we rate certain forms of creativity and not others

isn’t it strange that most of us tend to like the same thing? that more times than not we are looking for someone to give us the cue to like something— be it music, a book, a show, even a human. we can’t deny that we’ve been conditioned to look outside of us for what to think or feel about any given situation. very few of us know how to honestly discern what resonates with us without external influence.

what the sunny’s of the world seem to understand is that what they like is what they like and that regardless of who happens to agree, it’s valid. they don’t need a co-sign to believe what makes sense to them. how many of us can say we live this way?

they are a living embodiment of what it means to truly believe in yourself

forget that fake confidence that crumbles the moment someone challenges, rejects or |outshines| us. i’m talking about the one where regardless of those things you’re so grounded in knowing that you are the shit and that no opinion could ever make it otherwise—that kanye godfidence that we hate to love. perhaps we hate it because it reminds us of the fact that we lack it in ourselves. imagine believing in yourself so much that people taking your work as a joke leaves you unscathed, in fact, it only inspires you to go harder. i don’t know about you but personally, that’s all i want for my birthday every year till i die.

the people we allow around us are crucial to our glo-up

|show me your friends and i’ll tell you who you are| ring a bell? we’ve all heard this from our parents in one form or another but allow me to reiterate it. what kind of people do you think the likes of sunny or any other person we view as eccentric have around them? i don’t imagine that it’s people who shut down their ideas or who alienate them for their eccentric ways. quite the contrary. i think the people  around them honor who they are and encourage them to live in their truth no matter what. and for those who don’t do this, i think boundaries are a thing they have to learn to respect.

obviously, i do not know sunny personally so this is all speculation. my goal is to encourage us to scratch past the surface and to take something from the people around us who live boldly, unapologetically. what do they have going on internally?

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