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the phrase ‘mercury retrograde’ has become one that invokes fear in a lot of people. even those who don’t know much about astrology are aware that mercury retrograde isn’t something to be played with. but as with everything, our conditioning plays a big role in how we perceive this phenomenon. and since mercury retrogrades on average 3 times a year, it’s important to shift the way we approach this occurrence.

a planet retrogrades when it appears to be moving backwards - in reality, planets don’t really go backwards but it’s all about perception, right? when a planet seems to be moving backwards from our point of view from earth, the energy switch can be felt as well. whatever that planet rules seems to come to a halt, or it highlights past experiences related to the theme of that planet that shook us. for example, when mars (the planet of action) is retrograding, people feel sluggish. got it? sawa.

among other things, mercury rules communication and expression, thinking patterns, logic and reasoning. these themes going backwards means that there’s a lot of miscommunication during this period— this can range from the signing of ambiguous contracts to a simple misunderstanding with a friend. there are also bound to be people from our past lives or memories that we thought were completely forgotten resurfacing in our lives.

all of these things can seem disruptive when we are actively trying to move forward with our lives, but changing our perspective on how we view these occurrences can make a huge difference on our understanding of how the universe works. understanding what mercury retrograde means has given me so much clarity on why certain things happen when they do. this clarity gives me the peace of mind that comes with remembering this simple yet complex concept— everything is happening as it should.

this period allows us to assess how far we’ve come in our journey. when old themes resurface, take notice of how and why they affect you. this recognition helps you gauge how far you’ve come. if everything just kept moving in a linear direction, we would be less likely to sit and reflect on our journey. and as a result, we wouldn’t realize or celebrate our growth. wouldn’t that be a bummer?

accepting that life isn’t linear serves us more than it hinders us. life comes in cycles and when we learn to welcome that philosophy, it gives us the opportunity to appreciate the ebb and flow. the universe contracts and expands, just like us. so how about we learn to dance alongside her instead of resisting the motion?

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