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astrology, as a healing modality.

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g| what can people expect to walk away with after a session with you?

t| clarity on why things are the way they are. having a clear understanding helps us heal from the stories we keep telling ourselves and desperately hold on to. understanding brings us peace and a clearer vision on how to move forward.

g| how do you describe your offering?

t| i look at what the planetary movements mean for us on earth. the energy projected in the cosmos affects us everyday, and understanding what the effects mean gives me an insight on how to navigate life. i will share this perspective with the community and help them make sense of what is happening. i will also advice them on what i think is the best course of action for them - individually.

g| what role does astrology play in the journey of re-membering?

simply put, astrology is the study of the cosmos and how it affects us on the daily. when we believe that everything was made to live synergetically, ย we understand what role the stars play in our livesโ€”everything is everything. astrology offers us insight on how and why things work the way they do. this understanding comes with embracing the characteristics that make up who we are. embracing and loving the entirety of who we are, not who we could become, is an important step in the healing process. ย astrology gives us this gift.


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