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april is here, so you know what that means— a new theme, yaay! how do we choose our theme, might you wonder? numerology. if you've been apart of our community for a while, you might have noticed that we have a new obsession with numbers. thanks to tecla, our new head of content, i'm learning all types of new gems about numbers— primarily that each digit holds a specific energy and meaning. fascinating, right?

apropos to this month's theme though, according to the gregorian calendar, april is the fourth month of the year and among the symbolic meanings and essence of the number four is foundations. i was already pretty psyched about this theme because so much can be said about the notion of foundations— but when corona hit, this theme seemed to be a divine orchestration by the universe. there's something about this disruption that points to the genesis of our societies. what qualifies as a solid foundation? when do we know if the thing we are building upon is solid enough? are foundations about longevity or quality?

this moment in history poses the question of foundations— particularly, the foundation of our societies. the values they're built on, our modus operandi to the systems we create and how we answer the existential questions like, why are we all here? in many ways, it feels like the universe has put all of humanity on an indefinite time- out for our naughty behavior and similar to a child, we have the option of sulking and feeling bad for ourselves about this moment in time or we can choose to see this as an opportunity to rethink our choices, specifically, around the way we've been living. this quote from neil degrassee tyson seems to hit different right now; "we are all connected; to each other, biologically. to the earth, chemically. to the rest of the universe atomically"

if there's one thought that is glaring us dead in the eye during this global pandemic, it's that, no? our world would change drastically if we viscerally understood that everything is connected. maybe this will be the turning point where we all wake up to the fact that all that is breathing is in concert, we've just been hella off-key. our capacity, or lack thereof to adequately deal with crisis tells as much.

that's my take though. what's yours? what foundations do you deem worthy of rebuilding? are there any existing ways that were built on values that can withstand havoc or rona for that matter? if you were chief foundations officer, what would your mandate be?

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