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hey gems, can you believe it’s october already? me neither.

while we ponder on the fact that time is a social construct, let’s get into this month’s gemstone. traditionally known as a 14th wedding anniversary gift, and as the stone that holds fire within it, the opal is perhaps the gemstone with the most superstitions and beliefs tied to it.

the opal comes in many different colors including black, white and yellow. but all opals share their rainbow glow—iridescent colors that shine from any angle. its appearance is part of the reason why opals were seen as good luck in ancient times in the east - namely in india. because of their rainbow-like look, opals were said to bring prosperity to the owner just like rainbows do.

in the western world, the opal was heavily linked to the eye. in rome, the word opal was known to be derived from the name opalus. opalus was rumored to heal the blind and make people invisible to their enemies. in ancient times, people took this statement quite literally. this belief is still present these days, but it’s taken a new interpretation. nowadays the opal is the perfect stone to carry if you don’t want to be noticed in certain places or situations. wearing an opal in group settings can also show you who has ill intentions towards you. if you wear one and notice someone get shifty around you, that person may not be who they seem to be. this gemstone is also helpful when it comes to calming the mind. it helps the user relax by slowing down racing thoughts. october’s birthstone is also said to aid in astral projection as well as past life recall (the act of remembering our past lives so we can know what our mission in this lifetime is).

believe it or not, there came a time where the opal was seen as bad luck. this stemmed from the fictional story of lady hermione. originally written in 1829, the novel “Anne of Geierstein” by sir walter scott told the tale of a lady whose hair was always adorned with an opal. she was believed to have magical powers and the gemstone she carried in her hair changed colors according to her mood. one day, some holy water dripped on her gemstone and she collapsed. the opal turned into a regular pebble, and she turned into ashes.

because of this story and the fact that most of this gemstone’s properties are tied to the spiritual realm, people started believing that the opal is bad luck. the fact that physically the opal is fragile didn’t help either (because when broken it symbolized bad luck for the wearer). in the 20th century when diamonds started to gain popularity, traders took advantage of the opal’s reputation to spread a new rumor in order to drive diamonds’ sales up : the only people that could wear opal are the ones that have it as their birthstone. people believed if you wore the opal and weren’t an october baby, you had bad luck following you. this rumor spread like wildfire and opal rates dropped drastically because of this.

overall, the opal is one of the most beautiful stones not only because of its uniqueness, but because of the energy it exudes. i would definitely recommend this gemstone as part of your collection, especially if you feel called to wear it. as seen above, the rumors of bad luck are just that - rumors. when you start believing them, you give them the power to manifest into your life. after all, we have the power to create our reality. what’s more, you charge the gemstone with intentions and it does the work for you. not the other way around.

because of its fragile nature, i would recommend to cleanse and recharge opals with incense and words - cleanse it with some sage and speak your intentions into them.

given the long standing speculations about this gemstone, the opal always being the main topic of conversation is on brand for the month of october. babies born this month carry so much energy with them and are so social that it’s inevitable that they will be talked about often. one thing about them though, they will remain unbothered through it all because they tend to be grounded in who they are. they are stable and confident in themselves, and they make sure to intoxicate everyone they meet with this confidence.

happy birthday to our october gems!

narration by teta tecla

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