finding meaning in the ordinary

visual | abel fermin
words by tecla

happy new month, gems!

november brings a deeply transformative energy. the sun residing in scorpio for majority of the month, november asks us to revisit our shadow self, learn from it and come out on the other side regenerated. i find that when i go through my shadow periods, i come out even more confident in who i am. this month’s gemstone is the perfect companion on the journey to redefining ourselves and owning who we are.

also known as the success stone or the merchant’s stone, citrine is popular for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity in any area. it’s mostly used as a money magnet in places of business, but its metaphysical properties go beyond this. citrine is the ultimate gemstone for manifestation, and will-power. it is often linked to the sun, because of its color. coincidentally (or not), the chakra that citrine helps enhance - the solar plexus - is also ruled by the sun. the sun, in astrology, represents our identity. that description is right on the money (no pun intended) because november’s birthstone helps us step into our power and gives us the courage to own it. it is the perfect stone for strengthening our personal power, self esteem and confidence.

due to its vibrant yellow color, citrine was and still is one of the most popular gemstones to rock in any way the wearer pleases. this vibrant color is actually how the stone got its name - citrine— derived from the word citron, which is lemon in french. for thousands of years, citrine has been used as an ornating gem. almost all the cultures around the world that adorned their jewelry with gemstones used citrine because of its lively energy. for example, in 1940, actress joan crawford wore a citrine necklace that stunned everyone and is still a topic of conversation to this day. beyond jewelry, citrine was renowned in the world of interior design. during the 20th century, there was an art deco period during which citrine was thee gemstone to ornate a space with.

because citrine is from the quartz family, it never holds on to negative energy, so there is no need to cleanse or recharge it. in fact, making citrine touch another gemstone would instantly rid it of negative energy and recharge it. this fact also holds true for the energy of a room. placing citrine in a room will dissipate it of negative energy and fill it with good vibrations. wearing it or even carrying it inour pocket has the same effect on our bodies.

november babies are some of the most transformative people i have ever met. each one has shown me parts of me that i was subconsciously unaware of, yet never made me feel alienated. just like citrine, november babies will naturally push you to turn your shadow into light.

for this month, there is no alternative gemstone to offer. citrine’s increased popularity has made it so affordable that it is one of the easiest gemstones to acquire. so get to looking, gems. and get that prosperity flowing.

happy birthday to our gems born in november!

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