your sanctuary of re-membrance 🌀


narrated by teta tecla

it’s a new dawn, it’s a new month

| all the green of nature is concentrated within the emerald. | st. hildegard of bingen

that's right, the stone associated with our strong-willed may babies is none other than the emerald.

referred to as the “jewel of kings”, the emerald is mainly known for its vibrant earthy green color . did you also know it was cleopatra’s (yes, theee cleopatra) favorite gemstone? no wonder people born in may demand only the finest things. y'all are royalty, hunty.

as the fifth month of the year, may is symbolically a time of change and rebirth. a lot of purging and transformation happens during the month of may. school finishes for some, and seasons change everywhere. it makes sense that the emerald, a popular symbol of rebirth, is the best gemstone to relate the month of may with.

clairvoyance, longevity and clarity are some qualities associated with the emerald. this gemstone helps strengthen intuition and aids the person wearing it to see things clearly from within. it is also called the stone for successful love. which explains why it’s one of the most sought after gemstones for engagement rings. (this is when i let my soulmate know it’s the stone i would love to adorn my engagement ring. okay? okay). another thing to note is that successful love doesn't only stop at romantic love. self love and platonic relationships will be enhanced with the use of this gemstone.

the word that i personally find to best describe the emerald is harmony. through times of change, be it calm or turbulent, emeralds help us stay in harmony with all that surrounds us. not only will the person wearing emerald be in harmony with their loved ones, they will also be in harmony with themselves and mother earth. cleansing and re energizing the emerald regularly, like most of the other gemstones, is a necessity. cleansing releases the gemstone of all negativity while re energizing heightens its vibration . in other words, re energizing gives the stone its glow back. the process is pretty easy. any of the four core elements will do.


the emerald is not toxic when put in contact with water. so putting the stone under a running tap or in a natural body of water, like a river or a lake, is a great way to cleanse it.


placing the stone in the sunlight will re energize it.


my favorite cleansing and re energizing method is burying the gemstones. it’s even better when it’s on a full moon, because they absorb the moon’s energy.


placing the stone in the way of incense smoke is a beautiful way to release all the negative energy from the stone and its surroundings. i find that when i do this, i not only cleanse the gemstones but myself as well.

may babies, in my opinion, are some of the most in-tune-with-their-feelings people. they dare to love out loud in a world where being closed off is a power status. their birthstone 100% enhances this quality and then some. similar to last month’s gemstone, i’m aware not everyone has easy access to emeralds. the two semi-precious stones that i would highly recommend as perfect replacements are the fluorite and the rose quartz.

happy birthday to our gem lovers born in may!

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