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ruled by the moon, the aquamarine is a gemstone that’s been known for its intuitive and psychic abilities for centuries. in the middle ages, when crystal balls became popular, many said the aquamarine crystal was more efficient, especially paired with the energy of a full moon, a crystal ball made with aquamarine was the most well reputed.

not only is the aquamarine related to the moon, which is seen as feminine, it is also associated with one of the feminine elements - water. it’s name is from latin origin and literally translates to ‘water-sea’. this birthstone’s relation to water doesn’t end here. back when traveling by water was the most popular form of travel, carrying aquamarine with you meant you were protected and the waters around you were to be calm . taking this and the fact that we are made of approximately 60% water into consideration, it makes sense that aquamarine soothes us almost instantly.

like all other blue gemstones, the aquamarine supports us with all sorts of communication blockages. this gemstone goes beyond just that, however. the aquamarine brings a feeling of inner peace which is reflected externally wherever it is placed. aquamarine also helps the user get in touch with suppressed emotions and has the ability to clear our mind so we can more accurately feel our emotional state. it’s almost like a window that gives a peak into our deepest layers. as this action requires courage, the aquamarine brings out this quality to the user as well. come on versatility! on top of all of that, the aquamarine is also believed to strengthen psychic abilities.

cleansing the aquamarine can be done using any of the four core elements. i strongly recommend the water element because they vibrate at a similar frequency. run the gemstone under tap water or soak it in a basin. you can use your intuition to determine how long it should be cleansed for.

this month, i am sharing a new way of recharging our gemstones - sound. frequency sounds are a beautiful way to recharge our gemstones with the intentions we want to set for ourselves. another way of recharging would be by sunlight, although this may make the aquamarine color fade but rest assured that faded colors do not mean faded properties. energetically, it’ll still be the same gemstone.

it’s rare to come across a march baby that isn’t aware of their feminine side. once they are in tune with that energy, they make sure everyone else around them joins that journey and explores their own feminine energy. much like their birthstone, their yin is contagious.

happy birthday to our gems born in march!

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