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the emotions of sorrow, relief and joy that accompany completions don't always lead us to the heart of why grace escapes us when we are asked to let go. endings are particularly powerful in that they tend to unearth things within us that we were completely out of tune with. this virgo season, we are honing in on the self awareness that endings require of us.


we come on this earth physically alone, but in reality we are all part of a collective, simultaneously teaching and learning from each other. we are all one entity that is experiencing life in the physical realm. that means i am you and you are me - we are one and the same. our higher selves are linked. before we came to earth, we agreed we would experience life events through different lenses but we would always be around to help each other with the knowledge we keep remembering along the way.

everyone we meet serves a purpose in our lives regardless of how short or long the encounter is. some people are typically around for the long haul—like siblings or parents—but ultimately everyone ends up leaving after their purpose has been served. as a society, our idea of loss has negative connotations. but to me, separation of any kind means the end of a soul contract. an example would be when romantic relationships end.

i was talking to a friend who told me they were racking their brain trying to figure out why their ex blocked them even though they ended things amicably. this got me thinking about what the collective sees an ex as - someone who you occasionally make jokes about and try to avoid talking to for the rest of your days. why’s that?

beyond exes, we have a specific way we treat the loss of people in our circles. if we’re not bending over backwards to have them back in our lives, we tend to either bad mouth them or act like they never existed in the first place— regardless of how the relationship ended. we are so focused on looking like the person who’s | growing and glowing | after the fall out that we forget to look at what the relationship taught us. when i learned about soul contracts (ironically through a person i used to be friends with), it taught me how to view relationships differently. when we remember that we are all linked and we are all here to experience life together, it shines a light on how everyone we meet is a projection of a part of our souls. people physically come and go and we have to learn how to enjoy having them around us in the present moment. at the time, desiring to keep the same circle around me forever was a problem of control. i had to work through my attachment anxiety in order to get where i am but it was all worth it.

all relationships we encounter are meant to teach us a lesson or plenty. sometimes, people come around to show you whether you’ve learned the lesson or not. when a relationship officially ends, that means the soul contract is completed. trying to force the relationship back is doing ourselves a disservice, and so is looking at the relationship as anything other than what it truly was— an experience to grow from.

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