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happy new month, gems!

may left us with a lot of change to deal with. this entire year has been eye-opening in the sense that a lot is coming to light and the truth can not be swept under the rug any more. june seems to have brought with her a wave of โ€œcalm within the chaos". this month's gemstone echoes this sentiment and is the perfect example of a quiet storm.

unlike most gemstones, pearls arenโ€™t a product of the magma from volcanoes nor do they develop in soil. they take form in the water within oysters and mussels. for this reason, not everyone considers pearls as gemstones because most people consider gemstones to be synonymous with minerals. to me, a gemstone is anything that resembles a stone and that helps us navigate through life using its unique abilities. some people agree with me because pearls are sometimes referred to as the queens of gems. they come in all sorts of colors, such as : white, grey, champagne, cream, lavender, green, and other soothing tones.

pearls are often related to the moon and water - these two elements are inherently feminine. the connection to the moon and water helps them in amplifying the divine feminine in anyone using them. they bring about a sense of balance in emotions. pearls help us see ourselves in our purest form free of negative attachments and help us accept who we truly are. when worn or used, pearls tend to bring out the truth in any situation in the form of clarity. this is why they are also known as the stones of sincerity.

in most cultures, pearls are seen as the epitome of purity, innocence and faith. in some folklores they were thought to be the tears of gods and goddesses, while in others they were the perfect weapon against fire. they are also known to repel and remove any forms of psychic attacks or negative attachments. they fill auras with light after repelling all the negativity.

the negativity does stick with these gemstones overtime, however, which is why itโ€™s important to cleanse them regularly. by regularly, i mean whenever you feel itโ€™s timeโ€” thereโ€™s no set regime for this. like all other gemstones, itโ€™s better to stick to the four core elements to clean the pearl.with that said, the pearl is best cleansed with water, seeing as that's her first home. if it happens to be on a piece of jewelry, dampen a cloth (most effective material) with water and gently rub the pearl, that way, the thread from the jewelry wonโ€™t be affected by the water. incense smoke is also a great way of recharging these gemstones with any intentions you may have.

all the june babies i know can be defined in these three words: imaginative, emotional and communicative. they are literally never out of ideas and they make everyone around them feel at ease. personally, they bring out my craziest side with no fear of judgment. no wonder the gemstone best fit to represent them is the pearl that takes any situation and makes it feel like that is where you are meant to beโ€”home.

as usual, i will end this with listing a semi-precious gemstone that i find embodies a lot of the same metaphysical characteristics as pearls ; the celestite.

happy birthday to our june gems!

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