your sanctuary of re-membrance 🌀


after experiencing june’s healing vibrations, july is here to remind us to check in with our intuition & our faith.

as a collective, we need to be reminded to tap into our higher selves for knowledge rather than look for the answers from external entities... this month’s birthstone is the perfect one for that.

as one of the most precious gemstones in the world, the ruby - derived from the word ruber, which means red in latin - is a symbol of wealth. hindu mysticism believes that it is an eternal flame that can never be put out. it is also said that emperor kublai khan once offered to trade a whole city for a ruby.

the ruby is one of the best gemstones to help stimulate our mental and emotional body. working with the heart chakra, the ruby has the ability to balance spiritual wisdom with knowledge acquired on earth. used as a protective stone, the ruby shields us from psychic attacks and enhances our awareness. keeping a ruby in our bedroom helps protect us from nightmares.

we’ve all heard that red is the color of passion. july’s birthstone, ranging from dark pink to crimson red in color, definitely got the memo. be it physical or spiritual, rubies can be used to reignite old flames. manifestation is also made easier by the ruby. i believe this is because our attitude towards what we try to manifest is amplified by the ruby's ability to fuel our passions.

like all other gemstones, i would recommend cleansing a ruby using the elements spirit gifted us with. however, being a corundum, the ruby’s sensitivity to acid is higher than other gemstones we’ve discussed. so just to be safe, i would recommend to stay away from the earth element.water works best for cleansing, and the sun and incense are amazing for recharging the gemstone.

just like the ruby, people born in july are filled with passion. they never do anything half-heartedly. whatever they choose to channel their energy into, they do it with such a fiery drive. they are also the perfect company to keep when it comes to making a decision- kings and queens of seeing all sides of situations.

as mentioned above, rubies are some of the most precious gemstones in the world, which makes them rare to obtain. all of its properties are things i find many people need in this journey called life. so here’s a more obtainable semi-precious gemstone that i find embodies most of ruby’s characteristics : the fire agate.

happy birthday to our july gems!

narrated by teta tecla

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