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happy new month, gems!

january, being the first month of the roman calendar (which majority of the world follows) is the ideal time to set intentions. in setting these intentions, the most important thing to do in my opinion is sticking to them.  stability and confidence are key virtues to embody when setting intentions for the long run. and what better stone to do that with than january’s birthstone?

named after pomegranate seeds, the garnet has a  deep red color similar to the fruit. red gemstones are usually tied to the root chakra, also known as the base. balancing the root chakra means working on our groundedness and our inner safety. the garnet helps us with all this and more.

january’s gemstone has heavy protective qualities. it shields the user from being easily influenced. when wearing or using the garnet, it gives the user a sense of security in self. standing your ground and knowing what is for you and what isn’t is simplified by using this gemstone. the garnet is an energy enhancer stone. this means it has the ability to amplify what the user is feeling. so it’s best to avoid using it when angry.

this enhancing quality doesn’t just apply to emotions. in south asia, it was once believed that using bullets made of garnet would make the opponent bleed more intensely. different parts of the world used the gemstone in other ways. in ancient egypt, for example, all garnets were used in honor of the goddess of war - sekhmet. her name translates to power and might which describes this gemstone so perfectly. another perfect allusion to the garnet is the character in steven universe who shares the same name as the gemstone (and is voiced by none other than estelle). garnet is the most laid back and mellow character in my opinion and yet,she’s still the most noticeable characters. she’s not loud, but she makes her presence felt deeply.

cleansing garnets is fairly easy -  all you need is some water. adding soap to it so as to give the gemstone a shiny glow is advised. run the gem through some water or let it sit in a bucket for a little while and voilà.

january babies are some of the seemingly calmest people. outside composure comes so easy for them that sometimes we might think they face no problems in  life. they understand the art of not looking like what they’ve been through. this ability to stand still and appear composed no matter what is very synonymous to the steven universe character, garnet, and also reflects in their birthstone.

happy birthday to our gems born in january!

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