finding meaning in the ordinary

words by tecla

spirituality is a broad topic. there are many different definitions and practices but it all comes down to this : spirituality is the sense of connection to the universe that transcends the physical.

when someone intentionally begins to live as a spiritual being on a spiritual journey, no matter what that looks like for them, one of their goals is to balance the spiritual and material world but as with everything else, there are challenges that arise. one of the main challenges, if not the biggest of them, is our ego.

our egos are our conscious minds - what we would call our personality /character. we normally navigate this world through the lens of our egos. it’s what we are taught. i’m not saying the ego is a negative entity. for one, our conscious mind reminds us to eat, sleep, and fulfill all the basic physical needs. in addition, if used correctly the ego gives us an identity - who we came to embody and what we came to experience in this lifetime - to make going through life clearer. this is where tools like astrology come in to guide us. but when we let the ego take the driver, passenger and backseat, we overly identify with our physical self which then causes an imbalance.

think about when you were 15 years old. if someone had approached you and asked you what you wanted to do in the future, what would you have said? now ask yourself why you would have given that answer.

when we are not trained to tap into our soul - our higher selves - what we want to do relates heavily to what we want to own, or what we would like people to think of us. we are mainly preoccupied by the physical, we only care about building a persona but our soul’s reason for being on earth goes beyond that, so navigating life through the lens of ego derails us from what we really came here to do.. our souls know who we are, they have been here before. we just have to let it take the driver’s seat.

| give up defining yourself – to yourself or to others. you won’t die. you will come to life. and don’t be concerned with how others define you. when they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it’s their problem. whenever you interact with people, don’t be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious presence. you can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are. | eckhart tolle, a new earth.

intentionally starting a spiritual journey doesn’t always mean our egos are silenced. if we are used to making every decision to fulfill our ego, walking away from that becomes a full-time job - we are talking about changing the only way of life we have been accustomed to. dismantling a whole structure. how do we even start?

one thing to look out for is our ego taking a different form. once we have done the work to study the theory of leading a spiritual-based lifestyle, it’s important to remind ourselves that this is not a quest to take on a new persona, otherwise, we develop a spiritual ego.

a spiritual ego happens when we have a sense of moral superiority just because we know how to live a balanced life - both spiritual and physical. we can start thinking everyone is beneath us because they’re still leading an ego-based life (who are we to judge?) or because they haven’t found their path yet (how do we even know?). we stop remembering that we are all connected to spirit and start thinking we are the soul above everyone else - we believe we are the chosen ones. to the outside world, we can seem like we are walking the talk while our spiritual egos hide behind the copious amount of spiritual knowledge we’ve amassed. and because we are conditioned to size each other up according to the framework of inferior/superior, the knowledge we’ve acquired inevitably leads to praises from our peers, which further makes us think we are better than them… it’s a vicious cycle.

| okay, well, how can i make the transition from an ego-based life to a balanced one? |

there is no easy fix, or a step by step booklet. it’s important to learn the theory of how to lead a spiritual lifestyle, but putting it in practice is key. practice letting your soul take the lead. for example, find time to be still and listen to your inner voice - the one that’s not rambling - and trust your gut feeling. a spiritual ego is least likely to develop when spirituality is put in practice, not performance

sending all my love to you on your spiritual journey, gems. you got this, and gemstress got you with the tools, okaaay?

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