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everyone has a brand. so much so that even having no brand is a brand.

our disconnection from source has turned all of us into living, breathing, walking billboards. because we've been programmed to build our sense of self around fleeting things, over time we adapted coping mechanisms that conceal our incessant feeling of insecurity. as early as our playground days, we learned how to control how we're perceived, which proved to be a winning formula for having some kind of control over the type of experiences we attract.

a lot of our self-expression is informed by our subconscious beliefs around who we think we need to be, the collective values that we've internalized, and how we fit into all of it but beneath it all is a visceral need to belong. if we think that a certain lifestyle will buy us the connection we long for, we shape ourselves around that. we use our ambitions, jobs, partners, friends, geographical location to send a signal to the tribe we want to belong to. we think that it'll buy us immunity from ridicule, judgment or disrespect.

it's the person who prides themselves on going to church every sabbath, as though to say that they are a decent person who should automatically be seen as synonymous with the brand values of christianity. or the super wealthy person who goes out of their way to look as though they don't have as much money as they do because they struggle with the world's perception of the rich and don't want to be grouped with that brandโ€” or is it that the amount of money they have has afforded them the luxury of not having to try as hard when it comes to impressing people with material possession?

it's no wonder why brand culture is so pervasive in our societies. these companies have figured out how to appeal to our coping mechanisms. they know that what they're really selling is the facade of belonging. they sell us the idea that buying a chanel bag is more than just a material purchase. the bag symbolizes a key that will get us into doors we couldn't before, that it'll magically rid us of the insecurities we have and that finally, we'll be embraced by the social circle we've always wanted to be a part of. it looks different for everyone but we all suffer from this affliction.

there's nothing wrong with priding yourself in being consistent with your spiritual rituals or being ambitious in your purpose and desire to experience the best that life has to offer, after all, abundance is our inherent right. the problem arises when we make these things mean more than the purpose that they serve by attaching them to who we are and what we are worthy of.

undoubtedly, it'll take a while to unlearn this way of existing but we can start by simply being aware. the work is to ask ourselves if our ambitions, values, interests are born from alignment or from fear and lack. what would our brand be if it was an organic manifestation of our authentic self?

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