your sanctuary of re-membrance 🌀


guide.:: caroline  ancestry .:: rwandan/belgian

offering.:: inner dance

sun sign.:: virgo

it really is true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. my collision with caroline is further confirmation of this law

i met her as i had just began my quest to find alternative healers in rwanda. after our first conversation, where she shared her journey of inner dance, it was clear to me that this was an experience that our community needs

below, a conversation on how this practice can shift perspective, give clarity & enliven our truest selves.

g | what is your relationship with inner dance?

c | to make a long story short, in 2012 i started to practice it intuitively and called it inner dance before even knowing that it was actually a healing modality that already existed. and that might be the case for a lot of you. four years later, through different synchronicities, i discovered pi, who founded inner dance in 2011 while living in the phillipines. when i saw the description on his website i could immediately recognize the vibration and also saw that my experience was only the top of the iceberg, so i booked a flight to the philippines to meet him and learn from him. today the practice has spread all over the world, in south east asia, the usa and europe mostly. it is only now that it’s reaching africa even though « it all started in africa », like pi says.

g | when it comes to the vastness of healing modalities, how do you think of alternative practices vs traditional ones, especially as a trained psychologist?

c | what we call traditional practices today are actually quite new practices and also western practices, which do not always address the vastness and complexity of our being.

i think it is time to decolonize mental health and psychotherapy and give space to what i like to call ancient futuristic modalities.

g | some words of encouragement for people who are fresh on their journey of remembering?

c | it is a journey, a process— it is not a destination even if we might discover at one point that we actually already arrived and that we are what we are looking for. it is a journey of remembering what we are and to be what we are, we have to share it.

to learn more about caroline's offering, you can reach her here .::

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