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2020 was a universal 4 year. numerologically, four symbolizes foundations and organization. it also represents going about life in a linear way - never cutting corners. paired with the astrological transitions, 2020, as we came to find out, was all about taking down structures that weren’t serving us anymore as a collective. the institutions and structures that were standing on shaky foundations, and that were made hastily, were more apparent than ever. after 4 -foundations and organizations - comes 5 - change, freedom, and the unconventional.

here is what to expect in 2021 |

i. being a universal 5 year, 2021 stands for change. all the structures that were torn down in 2020 will need to be replaced. which means that there will be a lot of transformation happening. in the longrun, i believe it will change for the better because with saturn and jupiter having moved to aquarius, majority of the people will be key selectors in what changes are implemented as opposed to a select few . the collective is more important than the individual.

ii. unorthodox approaches to everything. on top of 5 symbolizing unconventionality, the planet of uranus is still in taurus this year. uranus rules shocks and sudden changes while taurus rules material, especially objects of value. we will continue to see sudden shifts in things we give value to - for example the value we put on cash vs. cryptocurrency, or how we view celebrities.

iii. frreeddooommm! we are realizing that most things we know or believe aren’t our own choices. depending on where you grew up, you will believe what the majority preaches. this will change in 2021, people will step out of their tunnel visions and have more freedom of choice especially in regards to their mindsets and beliefs.

overall, 2021 looks like it’s here to shake things up some more. to some people, that could mean a negative thing, but the way i see it, everything that is happening is meant to happen. resisting change only delays what the natural flow of life. flowing with it all not only brings peace of mind, but it gives us the ability to live in the moment.

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