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re-membering work 🌬🕯
rebranding the work space

guide.:: gem ancestry.:. rwandan

offering.:: re-membering the work place

big 3.:: cancer sun—aquarius moon—cancer rising

how do you describe your offering?

more often than not, the tension and split energy we feel in the workplace can directly be linked to the things we deny, judge and suppress about who we truly are. my work is to help people connect what they do for money with who they are and what they came here to do for the collective. my process is rooted in the inquiry of how the answers we are searching for come from within, not outside of us.

what can people look forward to walking away with after a session with you?

a holistic foundation to base their decisions on. if we perceive our work as an extension of who we are and what we want to impart on the world, we need to take the inner journey of exploring what we need to fully step into our power, even when our 'livelihood' is dependent on.

what role does work play in our quest of re-membering?

there's something very powerful about realizing that we are the creators of our reality, but the realization is only as powerful as our readiness to sift through the limited beliefs that keep us in jobs that don't align with the way we'd like to express god consciousness.  what relationships do we need to re-brand? is it with money? authority? power?  

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