a sanctuary for you who is committed to doing the inner werk 🕊

photographed by drew escriva
words by tecla

february hosts the signs of aquarius and pisces. aquarius is the innovative sign, and pisces is the dreamy sign. put together, i would describe these signs as having their head in the clouds. in their minds, nothing seems too far fetched. and this month’s birthstone is right on brand.

legend has it that a titan whose name was rhea offered dionysus, the god of wine, a stone to help preserve his sobriety while drinking wine. this stone was also meant to help him preserve his sanity. because of its properties, the stone was named after the ancient greek word for sober -  amethustos.

the amethyst is known for its striking purple color which ties the gemstone to royalty. in ancient times, the amethyst was more valuable than diamonds as it was almost exclusively worn by nobility. nowadays, the gemstone isn’t as exclusive as it used to be. amethysts can be found in large amounts all over the world. i definitely remember seeing amethysts regularly as i was playing in the garden as a child.

amethysts are all about attaining new heights, especially in regards to the spiritual realm. because they are linked with the third eye chakra, they can be used to open, activate and heal the mind. they are helpful in strengthening our intuition, and they highlight our connection to our higher selves. amethysts are also known for their protective properties. they have the ability to protect their users both physically and mentally. as the legend suggests it, amethysts give their user a sober mind. they can also spread that same energy in a room. place an amethyst in your space to promote a calm and tranquil vibe.

amethysts are part of the quartz family, which means they don’t need to be cleansed or recharged. they stay ready. they can actually be used to recharge other gemstones - just make them touch each other, speak an intention over them and you’ll be good to go.

february babies are some of the most welcoming people. whether it be in terms of new ideas or new people in their lives, they rarely have their guard up. they understand that we are all a piece of the puzzle that makes up the universe. this accepting quality can easily be tied to their birthstone. this i learn from february babies everyday.

happy birthday to our gems born in february!

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