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the moon has always been a fascinating topic of discussion throughout our lives- from thinking the moon followed us everywhere as kids, to teenage years of reading about werewolves that came alive during a full moon. some cultures had already tapped in, but now the rest of the world is waking up to the knowledge that our moon signs (the zodiac sign the moon was in on our day of birth) affect us more than we know.

itโ€™s a known fact that the moon affects the tides. one of the only things i remember from biology class is that our physical manifestation in the world (aka the body) is made up of about 70% water, which would equate to the fact that we are affected by the moon the same way she affects the tides.

the effects vary depending on the moon cycle , which takes on average 29 days to complete.

here are the different moon cycles and how they affect us |

new moon

this is the smallest the moon will appear. sometimes, we canโ€™t even see the moon when itโ€™s at this stage. astrologically speaking, a new moon occurs when the moon is directly in between the sun and the earth. new moons also occur when the sun and the moon are in the same sign.

the new moon is the perfect time to set intentions and plant our manifestation seeds. writing my intentions down as i sit in an incense-filled room is my favorite manifesting ritual.

waxing moon

this is the period during which the moon appears to get fuller everyday. symbolically, it means our intentions are growing and coming to fruition. we also tend to have more energy during this time. this helps us work towards our intentions intentionally.

full moon

the full moon is harvesting time. the seeds that were planted on any given new moon (some take longer to grow, as we all know too well) will come to fruition in time for the full moon. during the full moon, the moon sign and sun sign are in opposition - they reside in sister signs. many people find it hard to fall asleep during a full moon. this is because there is more light outside. during a full moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the sun back to earth, so she's at her brightest.

the full moon is not only the time to harvest, but it is the perfect time to release what is no longer serving us. burning rituals (burning a paper on which i wrote what i am releasing) are usually my go to.

waning moon

this is the cycle during which the moon appears to be shrinking everyday. itโ€™s best to just surrender during the waning period. let go and let the universe align everything for you. youโ€™ve done the work.

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