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there seems to be a committee out there that has put themselves in charge of everything. the latest being the qualification of an 'essential' service. we’ve seen the list, sis and it’s looking like it needs major revision.

if “they” had taken a poll, they would have realized that some services, while they may seem frivolous, are the creme de la creme of essential services because they serve as remedies for our mental, physical and emotional well-being. allow me to suggest that these businesses also be filed under ‘essential’ from now and lifetimes to come.


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in a new earth, eckhart tolle writes,

|seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature. the first recognition of human consciousness. the feelings of joy and love are intrinsically connected to that recognition. without our fully realizing it, flowers would become for us an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred and ultimately formless within ourselves. flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become like messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless|

i’ll leave this here.


i have much respect and appreciation for the nurses and doctors that are holding humanity down right now and i think that they could use some help from other healers. reiki masters, therapists of different mediums and psychologists are people who have gifts that we need especially in times like these. coronavirus affects our physical health predominantly but we all know that in order to reach true healing, the mind, body and spirit need to be treated in concert.


global pandemic or not, we rely on these people to help us make sense of the world around us and now more than ever, we need spaces that we can pull hope and inspiration from. podcasts, websites, radio, online journals and newspapers— this is who is shaping the narrative around this moment in history. i’d say, not that you asked, that that’s as essential as it gets.

beauty supply store

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any business that caters to the health of a black woman’s hair is essential. i don’t need to get into the million reasons why it’s more than just hair but you can watch the documentary, good hair, by chris rock if need be. hair, for black women, is many things— it’s political, it’s spiritual and it’s central to our self expression. you take our ability to care for it away, and it’s looking a whole lot like crisis mode. i mean, what we’re saying by not including the beauty supply store as an essential service is the same thing as forbidding the queen of england  to polish her crowns. the disrespect, right?

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