finding meaning in the ordinary


in astrology, the moon sign is one of the most important aspect in a chart. put simply, the sign one’s moon was in at the time of their birth gives us an idea of how the person tends to react and deal with their emotions. as the world shifts, leaving us with so much to digest, we need to find ways to unpack our emotions. understanding our emotional reactions through astrology is one way to navigate the maze of our internal makeup.

Narrated by tecla



what is your moon sign?

| i’m a taurus moon |

how would you describe your emotional temperament in difficult situations?

| it takes a lot to unsettle me. so i generally stay calm in difficult situations and respond from a space of love and compassion. however, if for some reason i step out of balance, i take the time to regain my composure and process the information before returning to it — when the situation allows, of course. all in all, it’s important for me to choose love over fear, again and again, to respond rather than react.

that being said, i’m also aware that i have the tendency to use my imagination to embellish facts to make painful realities more digestible. so i need to remain vigilant, in a non-judgmental way, in order not to repress anything.

lately, i’ve been able to catch my mind amidst this beautifying process. and whenever i have done so, the illusions have simply dissolved of their own accord. making me laugh, for i find it quite amusing to watch myself like i would watch a movie.

ultimately, i believe we always get what we need in life at just the perfect timing, and challenges are only blessings in disguise. by showing us where it hurts — for really, let’s be honest, what can get triggered but the ego only? — they help us do the work. and in doing the work, in facing our fears and insecurities, our limiting beliefs and what not, and thus letting go of that which no longer serves us and surrendering, we are able to be our most authentic selves and access our full potential. so i’m very grateful for the invaluable lessons all the trials and obstacles have taught me! |

what are you especially grateful for right now?

| grateful for the joys of walking barefoot, kissing the ground with the soles of my feet, of forgetting what my face looks like, of turning every moment into a meditation, of the dance between love and wisdom, embodiment and formlessness, of seeing the world with the freshness of a newborn, a natural radiance imbuing everything, of sharing my room with squirrels and lizards, of feeling the trees, the birds and other living beings from within, of living out of a carry-on, of silence and solitude, of reading sacred poetry and other inspiring books, of dancing under the storm, crying under the moonlight and laughing with the stars, of witnessing the ego dissolve into nothingness, seeing the world beyond the lens of duality, of eating wholesome south indian meals, of going through my processes, experiencing the full spectrum of emotions and what it means to be human, of remaining perfectly still while engaging in activity without the sense of doership, of sharing with loved ones, of being at peace no matter the circumstances, of spending my days in nature at the foot of arunachala, the fiery mountain known for burning the ego away, and, of course, of surrendering again and again to the divine, the guru, the same self shining in the hearts of all. and last but not least, grateful for grace without which none of this would be possible. |


taurus moon

lunar taureans experience the emotional spectrum of life through their senses. actively identifying an emotion with the way it feels, smells, tastes, etc. is how they go through life.

taurus moons value their stability and comfort (be it emotional or within their environment) and they will do anything to maintain them. they are phased by only a few things, and even then they will find a comfortable way to work around them while maintaining their calm mellow demeanor.

famous taurus moons include prince harry, carl jung and lisa bonet.


taurus moon

because they value their comfort above all, and will seldom venture into something they’re not familiar with, taurus moons often miss out on opportunities.

for lunar taureans, creating new rituals is a game changer. taurus moons, make it a habit to do something adventurous on a regular basis. this could be trying a new dish or going to a new place. anything that you feel like you can do but is guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zone.

once you’ve mastered familiarizing yourself with the unfamiliar , can’t nothing stop you.

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