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in astrology, the moon sign is one of the most important aspect in a chart. put simply, the sign one’s moon was in at the time of their birth gives us an idea of how the person tends to react and deal with their emotions. as the world shifts, leaving us with so much to digest, we need to find ways to unpack our emotions. understanding our emotional reactions through astrology is one way to navigate the maze of our internal makeup.

what's your moon sign?

cyusa - | i'm a sagittarius moon |

how would you describe your emotional temperament in difficult situations?

| in difficult situations, i'm one to stay calm and look for a solution. i believe there's a solution to everything, even if i'm pretty emotional in the moment. |

what are you especially grateful for right now?

| the people in my circle, they are people i love and watching them grow with me is beautiful. |

if there’s one thing lunar sagittarians are going to do, it’s staying positive. they may worry or get angry at first, but they’ll very quickly snap out of it and look at the bright side - to them, there’s always a bright side to any situation.

sagittarius moon natives are always willing to learn something new and they’ll never say no to a new adventure. because of this, they pick up a plethora of skills overtime. they are some of the most versatile people you will ever meet. some celebrities with a sagittarius moon include earvin magic johnson, ashanti and stromae.

lunar sagittarians’ main challenge is stability. their constant thirst for knowledge and adventure usually makes them hop from space to space, skill to skill, and hobby to hobby. the constant change can be draining. learning how to slow down is in a lunar sagittarian’s best interest. exercises that help us stay in the present moment - like taking a walk or mindful breathing - and appreciating the little things in life (which shouldn’t be hard given the fact that positivity is a lunar sagittarius’s middle name) go a long way.

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