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in astrology, the moon sign is one of the most important aspect in a chart. put simply, the sign one’s moon was in at the time of their birth gives us an idea of how the person tends to react and deal with their emotions. as the world shifts, leaving us with so much to digest, we need to find ways to unpack our emotions. understanding our emotional reactions through astrology is one way to navigate the maze of our internal makeup.

Narrated by tecla



what’s your moon sign?

| i am a gemini moon. |

how would you describe your emotional temperament in difficult situations?

| i try my best to look at difficult situations as challenges so i always seek understanding in any, and especially tough, situations. in a weird way, life is really just a series of challenges. some are more difficult than others, but i believe you have to be ready for anything, you know, and just do your best to navigate the situation as effectively as you can.

|if i had to describe my emotional temperament during difficult situations in a few words, it would probably be ‘cooler than the other side of the pillow’ hahaha. i don’t always feel like that on the inside when i’m going through those type of situations, but i try my best to breathe through it while simultaneously thinking of solutions to get out of the situation. i understand why people complain, but i think life is too short so instead of complaining about a difficult situation, i’m doing my best to breathe through it, get through it, and find a solution to get my ass up out that jam! |

what are you especially grateful for right now?

| i guess the easy thing to say is that i’m grateful for life which is true. more so, i’m especially grateful for the things in my life that remind me to do better. i like to believe that good can be better. i’m good at some things but i can always be better, you feel me. my goal in my life is to be as great as i can be so that i can help my people and contribute to our advancement in society. the things i’m especially grateful for come in many forms— my daughter, indigo moon, is one, my friends, family/ancestors, the youth and women in our communities doing work to force america to live out her creeds of freedom, justice & equality, sister mary jane <3, and inspiration. always thankful for things that inspire me. |


gemini moon

people with their moon in gemini are curious by nature. they’re the type of people who will butt in a conversation with a completely random fun fact. they are always on the quest for new knowledge. because of this, their minds are always in overdrive. to balance their physical and mental, they prefer to have outside stimulation at all times. this could come in the form of noise, visual stimulation, having people around them, etc.

communication is a big deal for gemini moons. they will try to understand what is going on before they internalize it to avoid overthinking, so they usually prefer to talk their feelings out before actually feeling them. to people who don’t personally know them, this may make them seem detached.

famous gemini moons include: gwyneth paltrow, janelle monae and tina turner.


gemini moon

by dipping their toes in all sorts of different interests, gemini moons will develop an indecisiveness when it comes to making life commitments. lunar geminis would benefit a lot from practicing self-awareness practices such as journaling and being mindful about their everyday choices.

by going within and figuring out who they are and what they like, they will find it easier to be more transparent in their communication and to choose a path in life so as to avoid uncertainties. their thirst for knowledge will never die but once they are confident in who they are, seeking knowledge then becomes a fun pass time.

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