finding meaning in the ordinary


in astrology, the moon sign is one of the most important aspect in a chart. put simply, the sign one’s moon was in at the time of their birth gives us an idea of how the person tends to react and deal with their emotions. as the world shifts, leaving us with so much to digest, we need to find ways to unpack our emotions. understanding our emotional reactions through astrology is one way to navigate the maze of our internal makeup.

Narrated by tecla



what is your moon sign?

| my moon is in cancer, and fun fact, the moon is ruled by cancer. |

how would you describe your emotional temperament in difficult situations?

| it varies depending on the situation and my current state of mind. i’m sensitive to my environment in general and in difficult situations i can sometimes feel overwhelmed by my emotions. i’m pretty self aware but there’s always that first step of sifting through everything in order to listen to my inner guidance and find a feeling of peace while i go through whatever it is. i’m finding that it’s important to acknowledge what i’m feeling in the moment and give myself room to feel it and reflect and talk about it with the people in my life that i feel i can be vulnerable with (this helps!). i know that what i can work on is my perspective and my reaction to things, even when situations sometimes are outside of my control. |

what are you especially grateful for right now?

| my loved ones, womanhood/sisterhood, my personal space - a sanctuary to rest/recharge/come back to myself, nature, sunny days, being able to walk on two feet (injured myself quite badly recently) and sleep! |


cancer moon

the sign of cancer is ruled by the moon, so lunar cancers feel their emotions deeper than other moon signs. it’s hard for them to numb their emotional body. everything around them affects them somehow. cancer rules caretaking and motherhood, so people born with the moon in cancer will have the instinct to be nurturing or protective with everyone and they’ll intuitively know what their loved ones need emotionally.

famous cancer moons include : lisa left eye lopes, mac miller and haile selassie i.


cancer moon

cancer moons’ need to always nurture and take care of people around them as well as picking up on any emotion surrounding them comes with regular emotional burnout. setting up boundaries would be a great way for them to regulate what they feel like they can take on and what they can’t. regular practices such as writing down how they are doing mentally and emotionally in order to gauge their capacity to nurture others would go a long way. we love that you care for us but please tend to your mental and emotional space first, cancer moons. you come first

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