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in astrology, the moon sign is one of the most important aspect in a chart. put simply, the sign one’s moon was in at the time of their birth gives us an idea of how the person tends to react and deal with their emotions. as the world shifts, leaving us with so much to digest, we need to find ways to unpack our emotions. understanding our emotional reactions through astrology is one way to navigate the maze of our internal makeup.



what is your moon sign?

|i spent years trying to find out my time of birth, just as i had given up, i was cleaning one day last year and came across a very old photo album, i was a newborn in the hospital and there it was in the picture, as clear as day, my birth card and time of birth - serendipity✨

i am an arian warrioress|

how would you describe your emotional temperament during difficult situations ?

|i have always been a sensitive soul, a strong opinionated empath, i can be quick to react but just as quick to forgive and let go. i am very expressive, full of energy and vibrancy. i feel deeply— i can be extremely emotional, whether it is happiness or an unexplained overwhelming sadness. i love a good cry and to laugh out loudly.

when i was younger, i would get very heated in debates because of how passionate i am about the things i believe in, which would sometimes come across as argumentative and fiery, especially when i was trying to get my point across.

there are so many negative connotations around hypersensitivity but i have come to realize how much of a blessing it is to feel everything, to be sensitive to the subtlety of life and empathetic in nature means i am able to experience things in a deep and meaningful way.|

what are you especially grateful for right now ?

|externally: i find that i am appreciating all the little things; waking up each day (which isn’t such a little thing), for the oxygen that i get to breathe, for the little miracles and serendipities that i experience daily and for all the beauty that surrounds me. i am deeply grateful for the health of my family and friends, for the connections i have been blessed with and for the lessons that have helped me to grow and awaken.

internally: i am thankful for self-realization, self-awareness, self-healing, self-development and self-love.

for acceptance - learning to accept myself for who i have been and who i am becoming! to accept others for who they are and what they are conscious of, we are all at different stages of life, with unique capacities.

for detachment - i am so grateful that i am able to take a | break | from my mind whenever i need to. when things get overwhelming, i can close my eyes, breathe deeply and melt away from the outside world, from the heaviness of persona and self-expectation and just dissolve into pure consciousness— into silence— breathing in life force and being in a space where only god exists. the ability to expand the boundaries of my individuality, to become present and transcend my thoughts has been one of my greatest discoveries. i’ve realized that my thoughts and emotions are not my own. i have learned to embrace and understand them whilst dis-identifying with the constantly changing states. emotions are just energy-in-motion. we catch feelings just like we catch colds. i try not to suppress how i feel, negative emotions come up for a reason and i am learning to use them in a positive way. when i’m feeling down i try to embrace it— let my tears out just as much as i let my joy out, find a peaceful centre and let go. in this token, i am especially grateful for balance.

as i mentioned in the question about my temperament, it has always been in my nature to experience an internal battle of calm and chaos. but i truly believe that we can transcend some of these traits once we become aware that you are the one creating them. as i have developed some emotional intelligence, i have learned to sense my emotions as they rise and fall, like tides and waves, there are always calm waters underneath, peaceful and unaffected. by tapping into this knowing, i have become less reactive, able to detach and find peace. of course, i am human, my mind still storms and i have my occasional arian days but i am grateful for the tools that bring me back to centre.|


aries moon

people born with their moon in aries are some of the most emotionally independent people you’ll ever meet. their passionate and impulsive nature pushes them to be well known pioneers. feeling limited is their biggest pet peeve. the people around lunar arians never have to guess what they are thinking - because they express their emotions very bluntly.

famous aries moons include malcolm x, salvador dali and rihanna.


aries moon

finding a space that doesn’t feel limiting is very important for a lunar arian. these people thrive when they are convinced they can do anything. surrounding themselves with supportive friends, moving to a different place or rearranging their current space in a way that allows them to feel ‘bigger than life’ is a sure way for them to reach their full potential.

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