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hello gems,

it’s a new month which means there’s a new stone to use as a spiritual tool!

august brings us the evening emerald, a gem of the mineral family of olivine more commonly known as the peridot. i suggest you read that again because you probably read it wrong the first time. (millennial and gen-z struggles).

when wearing this greenish yellow gemstone, we tend to be more in tune with our group surroundings. it is the perfect gemstone to wear when hanging out with people as it keeps all chakras in balance, alleviates anxiety, gives us a deeper understanding of our relationships and increases confidence. i know this seems like a lot already, but that’s not all.

on a more personal note, i believe jealousy, greed, and self blame get in the way of our blessings. the peridot helps remove these emotional blockages along with any spiritual blockages the user may be having. august's birthstone assists us in working through emotional and spiritual blockages . positive abundance and prosperity is our birthright and the peridot places us exactly where we need to be to receive what we ask for.

for gemstones that are as versatile as the peridot in their metaphysical properties, there’s usually a certain way to wear them if you’re looking for a specific result. in this video, for example, i explain how wearing the sunstone on your receiving hand produces different outcomes than wearing it on your giving hand. there are many theories as to how one should wear the peridot in order to get different results. here’s a few ⋮

i. placing the peridot in gold will strengthen its abilities as a talisman and protect the wearer from all negativity.

ii. the peridot as an emotional stabilizer is more beneficial when worn on the right arm.

iii. for a boost of self confidence and self love, the peridot is better worn as a pendant. this makes it work directly with the heart chakra ( to enhance self love) and the solar plexus chakra (self confidence).

like most of the other gemstones, the peridot needs to be cleansed and recharged regularly in order to hold its vibration. i would recommend using the four elements - water, fire, earth, and air. my favorite cleanser is water (soapy water), and the sun (fire) and incense (air) are ideal for recharging the peridot. full moons are amazing for recharging our gemstones as well.

much like the peridot, august babies are characterized by an array of qualities. they’re adventurous, they stay motivated and they simply do not know how to back down from a challenge. lucky for them (and the rest of us), august, being the eighth month of the year, holds the vibration of the number 8. it is a month filled with opportunities. you know what that means? it’s time to claim our blessings, gems. as discussed before, the peridot is the perfect gemstone to help us in this journey but if you can’t find one, a gemstone i find has similar properties is the green aventurine, also known as the stone of opportunity .

happy birthday to our august gems!

narrated by tecla teta

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