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a lot of people i know hold the same sentiments towards different tribes, cultures and religions as some white people do about people of color. moments of fear and collective pain always ask us to hold up a mirror to the cracks in our own consciousness and disconnection from god, the eternal essence that flows through all of us and connects us to every living entity in the universe.

righteous anger is only the first step. feeling the pain takes us to a deeper level that allows us to have an honest look at the source of what makes us so obsessed with feeling superior or right and the destructive lengths we go to in order to latch on to anything that makes us feel worthy of this human experience— even if it means polluting our bodies and our habitat with negative energy. once we have thoughts of disdain toward another, acting on them is second nature and all of us are three experiences away from that moment.

no amount of oppressive systems, hate, revenge or justice will fill the void of not knowing who we really are— and that is a formless, eternal consciousness that is characterized by love, harmony and joy.

our pinky finger is seemingly not as valuable as our hand or arm but when it’s cut  off, the entire function of the body is disrupted. when we hurt another person, consciously we think that it only effects them but if we moved into the awareness of being connected to all that is life, we would see that any type of distribution to that truth brings harm and imbalance to the universal flow— especially if we’re the ones causing the dissonance. whether we’re conscious of it or not does not stop the chain reaction.

yesterday someone reminded me of what it means to move in power by posing this question — are you standing up for what you’re against or for what you believe in?

the choice is yours. it always has been.

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