It’s All About Brand

Some people say that they opt out of wearing brand names because the idea of being a walking advertisement is off-putting to them but if we really think about it, we do this everyday subconsciously. How we choose to show up in the world is an advertisement for something.

Our friend circle, the ways we make money, the places we spend our time in, how we speak, our hobbies and interests— all of that is communicating a specifically curated message and brands do exactly that. They tap into a piece of our human experience that resonates deeply with us. This is why we meet someone and are immediately able to pin point the places they shop, their taste in furniture and the lifestyle they live. All in a five-minute time span, we more or less have a gauge of who this person is or at least, who they want to be perceived as. Curious, isn’t it?

Maybe the drama isn’t about wearing brands at all but is instead about being conscious of the fact that the things we spend our money on are a direct reflection of our value systems. I’m not just talking shoes and cars either. Everything from a countries ideologies to the set of behaviors we’re programmed to internalize— it all boils down to a specific type of brand(messaging) that we’re trying to emulate.

So I leave you with this question— what type of brand are you representing with the way you show up in the world?


  1. O absolutely agree with this.. We are constantly I’m communication! Even with uttering a single word, information is being drawn from us by everything around us.. I enjoyed this post

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