Keepin’ It Zen In A Demanding World

This article originally appeared on akoma


My body clock wakes me up automatically. I quickly dismiss it because on Sundays, we rest, we take time to smell the flowers. Depending on the levels of fatigue, I wake up between 10:30am and 11:00am. Earlier than that calls for an afternoon nap. I try and have hot water with lemon before downing a judge-able amount of espresso.



My partner and I have a homemade, makeshift, brunch of some sort which never fails to have Avocado— a staple food in our home because there’s a million ways to enjoy it. We lounge, we reflect and decide how we’ll feed our souls. Options can be anything from walks, drives, reading, plant shopping, or just being. Lately, we paint. It’s proven to be quite the cathartic experience. This is how we check in with one another, making sure that we water the love we’ve been gifted.



Are you hungry? cause I’m starving. More food. A full stomach usually leads to a relaxing session on the porch or on the couch. A space for silence and ‘me’ time. I make a cup of tea, ginger spiced is my go-to. I read flip through magazines, scroll through my tumblr and catch up on my instagram timeline. What’s hot? what’s new? what’s ooo? This is how I feed the creative side of my brain. I recently just got a camera so I try to carve out time to play around with it. 1/20 shots are good. Still we create.










Just be. With music, with yoga, with meditation, with silence. I try and take time to listen to my self. Take notice of my thoughts, the things that increase my heart rate. What am I excited about? why did O’girl get under my skin so heavy last week? Am I being kind? Am I showing up for myself relentlessly? Did I remember to say thank you to the people and spirit that propel me to do and be better? Hi, self.


Before Sleep P.M

What better way to close out a day of self care than reading before bedtime? It does wonders for the brain. It’s a great way to unwind, calm your mind and set the scene for some great sleep. I’m currently reading ‘Between The World And Me’ by Coates. All I can say about it so far is the same thing Queen Morrison had to say, ” This is required reading.”


Which things are you prioritizing in your life to make sure that keeping it together is anywhere close to being feasible?

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