Werk, Don’t Work.

“I just want you to find a good job, my daughter.” I’ve heard this phrase come out of my mother’s mouth more times than I’ve tried to perfect my twerk in the mirror.

What she means to convey is that she wants me to be financially stable. Insurance, savings, something to my name— maybe a car or a house. You know, the adult thing that warrants respect from society. In her world, these benefits can only be realised through a 9-5 structure. This was the reality for most people from her generation. I get it. What parent wouldn’t want those things for their child?

It’s been two years since I swore off ever sitting in an office 8 hours a day, five days a week. I tried that route and never felt so distant from self like I did during that period. The journey has been nothing short of full. Since then, I went through a 6-month wellness period where all I focused on was my spirituality and metal health. Sounds like an eat, pray, love experience, doesn’t it? It wasn’t. The Universe literally forced me to stop and be still. I had no money coming in, I had no particular place to be on any given day, and I had no social circle to keep me distracted. What I did have was my sister’s couch, my family’s love, my journal and self. This season taught me self love and showed me that the Universe will always take care of me, as long as I prioritise taking care of myself. It is this season that began the journey to self actualisation. It changed the way I now understand a lot of things about life.

Most of us have been conditioned to shape our lives around making money because most of society measures our worth according to how much or how little we have of it. From a young age we’re told to go to school, not to learn about our world and the systematic structures that govern us but rather so that we can get a “good job”. We are told to get a good job not to hone in on our innate gifts or to learn how to craft our skill sets in order to find purpose and leave our mark on this world but rather to earn a consistent salary that only drags us further into the rat race that most of us have no idea we’ve become slaves to. It takes a series of unchartered events or that one ‘aha’ moment to wake us out of the paradigm that tells us we can only achieve greatness through one channel.

I always tell my friend CK how mind blown I am that it’s taken 20+ years for me to understand that life is happening every minute of the day and that the decisions we make this hour effect the picture of who we are tomorrow. I’m finding myself in a season that is teaching me to unlearn a lot of the things I’ve been conditioned to believe by society. I’m tapping into my inner greatness and realising that I have all the power, all the resources, all the zest I need to manifest the life I want.

An area that has testified to this understanding has been my hustle. I’ve seen the seeds that have come to fruition when I’m not driven by anxiety, societal pressure or pursuit of money, I’ve found meaning in the process which has allowed me to enjoy the projects I’ve decided to give my time to. It feels like I’m getting more out of the experience than a check. I’m collecting receipts that will inform and strengthen my next adventures. I can best describe everything I share my energy with as bricks that I’m adding to a home (life) I’m building.

Enlightenment gurus always talk about living in alignment and how that’s the only way we can truly live and breath our purpose. What this looks like is being obsessively jealous with your time and energy. It’s learning to say no and knowing that there are no limits on how many times you can say no. It’s saying yes only to the things that align with your purpose— your soul. Most importantly, it’s getting into the habit of trusting your voice above anyone else’s. This is the surest way to find magic in every day. This is where our passions are realised, nurtured and refined. This is where we understand our transcendental experience on earth.

So get that “good job” that comes with adult benefits or freelance your way through it. Just always remember that life is meant to be a holistic journey and that no aspect of it is an entity of it’s own. Why we work, where we work, how we work, who we work with— these are all things that inform our pursuit of happiness. Don’t sell yourself short. You are magic and magic doesn’t work, it werks.



  1. Agree on everything.

    Need to teach our kids differently. Show them the World; tell them that anything they put their mind and handwork into, they can achieve; assure them that there is no limit to what they can do.
    And yes to saying no when you want to say no. Yes to be your first priority.
    Well writing my friend.


    1. YES! I wish i was raised with that mentality. Feels like we are having to unlearn a lot of things just to learn them a new way— our way. One day at a time. Thank you for coming through with your time and thoughts, sis!


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