For as long as I’ve kept a journal, I have never been able to fill all of the pages. Last week, I finally did it! I can now cross that off of my bucket list. What I looked forward to about completing a journal was that I could go back and read what my thoughts were, and see how much or little growth I’ve attained with the turn of each page. As I was reading back, I came across this quote that I wrote after chapel service one week. It said, “A life of significance is one that points to something other than its own”. The speaker’s message that week resonated with what I want my life to represent.

After reading the quote, I had to stop and process what it meant. We all have our own definitions of what “a life of significance” means depending on the influence of the different experiences that make up our identity but this one speaks most to my world.

We live in a world that celebrates and values acquiring material possessions, things that are fleeting, which I suppose is how consumerism thrives, one is never truly satisfied because there’s always a better job, car, house, wardrobe, even a better spouse. These are things that are glorified and have become the definition of success, ergo, significance. We easily forget that in the end, we leave this world as we came– with nothing. Wouldn’t it be such a shame if all we left were things that temporarily gratified our souls?

So much in the world is broken; it’s overwhelming and some how, some way, we become numb to the injustices of our world and accept them as the norm, often thinking,  ‘thats just the way it is’ about anything we feel is far beyond our control.

I don’t know about you, but sex trafficking, genocides, famine, and poverty are things that my soul will never agree with, let alone become accustomed to. We are so divided and driven by us against them that we’ve lost sight of the element that makes us all human, that unifies us. Humans kill other humans; it is the human race that over-consumes while we watch other humans fight over a bowl of soup on our tv’s. If humans are responsible for all of the bad in this world, certainly, we are capable of turning that bad into good.

What if  we started desensitising ourselves to the pain and hurt of this world and that instead, of measuring our significance by the things we posses, something be awakened in us, a fire be lit within to contribute to making this world look like the world we want it to be and see if that doesn’t suffice as a way of feeling significant in this universe.

After all, it is our world and if it’s seen as ugly— that is a reflection of us.



  1. Very good food for thought, as another year ends this a great passage to contemplate whether this past year was one of significance, and if not, what can be done to make the coming year a more significant one.

    Thanks for sharing gemstress and hopefully as i have others will read this and take the time to contemplate what gives their lives significance.


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