Another year has come and gone, resolutions are made, optimism is in the air, and for some, it’s a fresh start. It’s a chance to break old habits, a chance to accomplish the goals we’ve set for ourselves, and a chance to become our better selves. Well, we all know that life doesn’t always go the way we plan, and while we may have a set vision of what our lives should look like, God has a very funny sense of humor; detouring us when we least expect.

A few weeks ago, I was preparing myself for what would have been one of the greatest trips of my life. I was going to Norway to visit with one of my closest friends and her family for the Christmas holiday. I had been talking about this trip since the summer. I couldn’t wait to experience a new country, a new culture, and a way of life that I know very little about.

Finally the day came and I was more than ready, ready emotionally and mentally to soak in the experience that was to come my way. You couldn’t tell me anything; I was going to Norway. So, I said my goodbye’s to friends and family, headed the airport with two oversized suitcases, stood in line to get checked in only to be told that I was missing a visa, thus, not allowed to travel. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There were tears, there was begging and pleading, and a lot of phone calls made in efforts to preserve my plans but in the end, I failed.

Naturally, I was sad, mad, and all other emotions that fall along those sentiments. However, as devastated as I was, I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would have been had someone told me a week prior that my plans would fall through. When I called my mom sobbing, she said, “You know, everything happens for a reason, and maybe, this just isn’t your time.” It was then that a sense of peace came over me. She was right, and even if she wasn’t, there was nothing I could do to change my reality, so why not accept it.

Ever since I graduated, I have been trying to practice acceptance of God’s plan for my life. I have been looking for a job for over 6 months and like most recent college graduates, the road hasn’t been easy. There’s a constant battle within myself to be at peace with whatever may come my way, and I find that inner peace is the only weapon I have as I go through this transitioning stage of my life. When my soul is at peace, dealing with life’s trials and tribulations isn’t as hard as it would be otherwise.

This new year, like any other year, there will happiness, success, and triumph, but there will also be sorrow, defeat and tribulations. I wish you the armour of inner peace as you journey through 2012, the kind that makes it easier to accept the good, bad and ugly that life will throw your way.


    1. Rita, this was so inspirational. More than you know girl. Stay diligent. SERIOUSLY. God knows your desires and if they’re lining up with HIS, he most definitely has you girl. I have been looking for a stable job since May of 2010. Had not found one, I was straight job orphan, temp job to next temp job. I felt so unwanted, so many calls no stable job or no job at all. January 1st this year, I received a phone call about all the things that I had been praying for in a job, finally happened! Didn’t even think they could mesh but they did and they do. It’s all in His timing. I don’t say that as a cliche but I seriously mean it. Much love for you.


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